GutRx Bone Marrow Broth – Short Simmer

GutRx Bone Marrow Broth – Short Simmer

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Organic Short Simmer

24 Ounce Pouch – 4 Pack

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Our Marrow Bone Simmer series are the precursors for the very sensitive gut.  Made with only marrow bones with little to no connective tissues, these broths are simmered for a very short or a medium amount of time, in contrast to our long cooked GoLo Beef.  The result is an exceptionally light delicate broth with just the right amount of body and flavor for fragile tummies.  Golden with the healing power of turmeric and TH neutral!

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Fresh cider type aroma, grassy, meaty

Seasoned Profile: Lean and clean, light body, very beefy flavors, pleasant earthy vinegar tang

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Your bone broth ships frozen with dry ice. On occasion, the packaging may rub together and create a tiny hole in the packaging. We recommend that you place the broth pouch in a bowl to thaw.

4 reviews for GutRx Bone Marrow Broth – Short Simmer

  1. Elizabeth Everett – Los Angeles

    I was introduced to Cauldron Broth’s after being diagnosed with SIBO, Candida and Leaky Gut. All came from 3 recurrences of CDiff that left my intestines ravaged by bacterial infections. It has been the one thing in all my journey of healing – over supplements, medication, vitamins, medical treatments, acupuncture, neuromuscular work – that has brought about the most healing into my gut. The first weekend I drank their bone broth continuously was the first time in months my stomach was calm. I am still on this road to healing but my biggest tool continues to be GutRx bone broths. I cannot endorse it more for the healing of your gut.

  2. Brent Courtwright

    The short simmer beef broth is just what I needed. It is light enough to be easy on my stomach but still has flavor! I am tired of having to use water for everything I cook, this is a good replacement.

  3. Joanne Hill-Felicetti

    VERY good. Great customer service.

  4. Cheryl Clark

    I am a big fan of both the chicken and the short simmer beef bone broth. I’ve made chicken bone broth here at home and it was just not worth the time and effort it took to make it. In the end, it didn’t have the correct consistency and did not taste as good as the GutRx brand. Awesome medicinal food!

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