Our Story – Dive Deeper

Our journey to creating the perfectly seasoned bone broth

Founder and Head Pot Jockey, Chef Gabriel started Cauldron Broths because he felt deep rooted responsibility to use the whole animal. Gabe helped to launch Jack Mountain Meats – a meat processing facility with a nose to tail philosophy. When Jack Mountain decided they wouldn’t be using the bones, Gabriel knew he had to do something, and Cauldron Broths was born.

A seasoned and celebrated chef, Chef Gabriel was named “Chef to Watch” by Seattle Magazine and in 2006 was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel show “No Reservations,” for creating Seattle’s first fine-dining underground restaurant. In 2009, he opened “The Swinery”, Seattle’s first nose to tail butcher shop.

Chef Gabriel and Angela Pifer, Cauldron Broths

Why do Cauldron’s bone broths have such a full, rich flavor profile and a silky mouthfeel? There’s no secret. They begin with some nutritional prowess, add in the experience of a seasoned chef, and use top quality organic ingredients and time – lots of time. Bone broth takes its own sweet time to simmer to perfection. Just ask gramma!

Rounding out Cauldron’s team is Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Angela Pifer. She’s had a thriving private practice in clinical nutrition for the past 12 years; specializing in functional gut disorders. For the past four years Angela has focused solely on SIBO (small intestinal bowel overgrowth). Known as the “SIBO Guru,” she co-created GutRx Bone Broths, an innovative line of healing bone broths with Cauldron Broths, to help clients heal their gut.

The GutRx Gurus line of Cauldron’s organic bone broths are prepared without fermentable ingredients that can trigger IBS like symptoms in certain individuals. They are hand crafted without FODMAP ingredients (an acronym for fermentable compounds) like garlic, onion and celery.

Cauldron’s USDA Certified facility is proudly locally owned and operated in Bellingham, WA. They are committed to their one on one relationships with their family farms! They source their organic free range chicken from Draper Valley in Mt Vernon, WA, grass-fed beef from Bartels’ Farm in Eugene, OR and the organic vegetables come from OGC (Organically Grown Company) in Oregon, where they take the seconds, which are often discarded. The only long distance ingredient is the Icelandic kombu. This Icelandic seaweed, is organic because the waters around Icelandic are so pristine, they are certified organic! Kombu adds a deep umami flavor to Cauldron’s broths.

Whether you are a home cook, professional chef or a broth-sipping for your health, Cauldron had you in mind when they created their broths. Luscious, deep and robust ingredients teeming with dense nutrition and outrageous flavors; they trust you will be delighted with your new find.

Thank you for becoming part of the bone broth revolution!


Gabriel, Angela and the Cauldron Broths team