Our Story

Cauldron Broths was created in an effort to utilize the whole animal and to bring great flavors back to a culinary staple. Being frustrated by the lack of flavor and nutrients on the market we set out to develop a better-quality product.

Together with Angela Pifer, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Cauldron brings incredible flavor together with nutritionally dense broths to not only provide the protein today’s foodie craves, but to heal the gut and treat a variety of symptoms. For a deeper dive into the pot, click here.


A 3 legged stool for a better tomorrow

Healthy people and community
Healthy planet, land and animals
Healthy economy

Whole Animal Philosophy

Sustainable and organic agriculture and the farming of livestock with compassionate animal husbandry is paramount to our process. We pay a fair price to the farmers for bones as an incentive to promote better treatment of animals on the land.

Rooted in local community

We are passionate about our quality and our partnerships. Without farmers, what do we have? Not Much! We visit and tour every producer and farmer and develop a deep relationship based on commitment to quality, value and collective integrity.

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