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Cauldron Broths: Rooted in the Local Community

Sustainable and organic agriculture, and the farming of livestock with compassionate animal husbandry, is our responsibility; not to mention one of our greatest gifts in this Nation.  This is our inspiration at Cauldron Broths.  Without farmers, what do we have?  Hmmm, not much!  While there are many important third-party audits to show that our raw materials are grown, raised and slaughtered within the proper guidelines — we also rely on our many deep relationships with our farm partners.  We visit and tour and get to know our suppliers through discussions of our shared commitment, values and collective integrity.  We build real relationships.

 We can follow the raw materials all the way through the processing chain and are able to know that we are working with the right partners.

Relationships like this can challenge the norm, and changes the conversation. It can be potentially disruptive (in a good way!) An example of this is trying to tackle the food waste problem in America. Because of our local sourcing and our “Keep it Tight” philosophy, we have challenged our standard conception of produce.

Let’s be honest, we make broth. Pretty vegetables don’t matter. Nutritious, clean, fresh, certified organic vegetables matter, but pretty doesn’t. So we went to our friends at OGC and asked them to go back to the farmers and ask for #2 quality produce. Not surprisingly, it didn’t really exist. The ugly stuff gets left in the field to rot, because there is no market. We enthusiastically buy the #2’s. We buy A LOT of them! They are cheaper, help us keep the final price down, and most importantly, help to create a whole secondary market for these farmers. Can you imagine a world where a farmer could actually sell 100% of what the Earth provides?

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